KitchenAid Cooktop Repair

What common problems should you be looking out for after using your cooktop for a few years? Here are some of the most common problems that we here at D&V Appliance Repair usually get called for:

This is definitely a huge problem, knowing that your burner needs to heat up to actually do its job. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. There could be a loose connection somewhere, or an element may need replacement. It could also be a problem with your cooktop’s switch. Whatever the cause may be, calling an expert from D&V Appliance Repair for reliable KitchenAid appliances repair services should do the trick.

A lot of people experience getting inconsistent temperature from their cooktop. Sometimes, you would get an even amount of heat no matter how hard you try to turn the switch to make the heat go up or down. When this happens, it could be the infinite switch that’s malfunctioning. This controls the amount of electricity that flows to the heating elements. This would probably have to be replaced by a technician.

You may also find that although your burner is working, the indicator light may be the one not cooperating. The indicator light tells you whether the burner is already hot. In this case, the problem could be coming either from your control switch or from the bulb.

Regardless of the problem, we here at D&V Appliance Repair would be able to fix it. Aside from these three most common issues, there are also a number of other problems that may prompt you to call us for KitchenAid appliances repair services.

Why DIY is Not the Answer

But what about going down the DIY route? Aren’t there a lot of resources online?

Yes, there are a number of resources that you could find online. However, there are a number of risks that you would have to think about once you do DIY repairs.

Cooktops have a number of different parts. The system is quite complicated. And even if you have some electrical background, different brands have different systems in place. This means that a single symptom could be caused by a number of different issues. Pick the wrong issue to fix, and you may end up with a problem that’s bigger than the first one.

With the number of probabilities for every problem you face with your cooktop, there’s also a possibility that you may end up applying the wrong fix. Sometimes, the solution you apply would also work for a short amount of time, but would cause the problem to keep coming back. This is exactly why when it comes to KitchenAid appliances repair, trusting an expert the first time around will always work.

One wrong screw, one wrong wire, one wrong move and you might end up with a cooktop that’s going to be even harder to fix than the first time around. You also have to remember that this is something that works on heat and electricity, which means that aside form ending up with an even more broken down cooktop, you may also end up with a burning house. Because professionals know what to do and what to avoid, they would have every possible safety precaution in place, allowing them to avoid huge fiascos.

When you make matters worse, you do not just waste money on the parts you initially bought, you may also end up with bigger repair expenses. The problem you caused might be worse than the initial problem, which means that more complicated steps would have to be done to make the KitchenAid appliances repair work more effectively.

Yes, this could happen. In your effort to save money on repair costs, you might actually end up damaging your cooktop so badly, you will never be able to use it again. Of course, when you have a lost cause in your hands, you’ll end up with the need to buy a new cooktop, something that costs so much more than professional repair work done by D&V Appliance Repair.

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