KitchenAid Range Repair in Orange County

KitchenAid Range Repair

KitchenAid ranges have become a favorite in a lot of Orange County homes mostly because it has everything that any homemaker needs to come up with dish after dish for the entire household. It’s very convenient, seeing that you have a stovetop and an oven in one, allowing you to come up with every meal imaginable. But what happens if one day, that convenience is taken away?

No matter how high-quality KitchenAid appliances are, constant use will make some of its parts worn out. Eventually, your KitchenAid range might stop working properly, affecting your entire routine. This is why it is extremely important to have a trusted KitchenAid range repair service that you can call.

Benefits of Professional Work versus DIY Repair

At this day and age, anybody can go online and find a tutorial that would help them repair anything. Even if you have zero training and background on repair work, almost everything you need to know is right there in the form of short video clips that give step-by-step instructions to anything you want to accomplish.

This should be good news right? No need to hire technicians and repairmen. You can finally do it yourself!

But no matter how appealing the idea of doing DIY repair work is, it is not the perfect solution especially in the case of KitchenAid range repair. Although you are bound to believe that going the DIY route will cost less, this will not always be the case.

When you DIY the repair of your range, you do not only heighten the risks for your family, you may also end up spending so much more than you really should. It takes up a lot of time as well, so that’s another resource that goes down the drain.

As for professional KitchenAid range repair work done by the likes of D&V Appliance Repair, there are so many benefits you can enjoy:

  • The guarantee that the right solution is being given for the right problem

Ranges are complicated appliances. It has a lot of parts working together for it to work. This also means that there are so many possible causes for every single problem you encounter. When you DIY the repair work, there’s a chance of misdiagnosis, which means that you may also apply the wrong solution. When you have professionals working on your range, they will be able to zoom in on the exact problem right away and apply the best fix there is.

  • The guarantee that the solution is long-term

If it looks easy on YouTube, it’s probably because it’s only a short-term or temporary fix. This means that even if the range does work properly after the DIY repair work, it’s bound to get broken again before long. When you entrust the KitchenAid range repair work to professionals like D&V Appliance Repair, the goal is always to give long-term solutions that will ensure that your range will work the longest possible time.

  • Availability of genuine parts at reasonable prices

Try buying your own parts in any hardware, and it will definitely be more expensive than the cost of parts when it’s the accredited technician buying it from a supplier. And because professionals have mastered these parts, they would also know the difference between genuine parts and knock-offs.

  • The guarantee of having safety precautions in place

Your KitchenAid range is something that combines heat and gas or electricity in one piece of equipment. So you can just imagine how many safety nets you should have in place in the event that repair work is required. Professionals would know exactly how to keep the environment safe before, during and after the repair process. This means that there are less risks. Try to DIY the repair work and you could possibly miss out on some precautions. This endangers not only you, but your entire household as well.

  • Having your range working again the fastest time possible

How long would it take to search for the right tutorial videos and manuals? How long does it take to figure out what tools you need and which parts you should take apart? How long would it take for you to put everything back together? We’re willing to bet that it’s going to be a long and grueling process. Professional technicians have had extensive experience in any kind of appliance problem. This means that they can take apart your KitchenAid range and have it fixed and put together in no time.

Hands down, professional repair work will always be the better option against DIY repair.

Common Range Problems

There’s so much that could go wrong, especially if you’ve been using your KitchenAid range for quite some time. Here are some of the most common range issues that we constantly encounter:

  • Burner won’t light
  • Surface element won’t turn off
  • Burners spark
  • No heat in oven
  • Broiler not working
  • No light in oven
  • Self-cleaning doesn’t work
  • Oven fan won’t turn off

Aside from these problems, there are other unique issues that we have also encountered. Whether it’s a common problem or not, we at D&V Appliance Repair are able to fix it for you.

Why Trust D&V Appliance Repair

So why trust D&V Appliance Repair for any KitchenAid range repair work?

  • Trained, certified and experienced technicians
  • Ability to work on any kind of appliance under any brand
  • Available anytime
  • No additional fees for evening or weekend repair work
  • Genuine factory parts
  • Fully stocked vans with every part and equipment you need
  • 5 Year Extended warranty on parts and service
  • No hidden charges

There’s a good reason why we have a great reputation in Orange County. That’s because we have left every single client satisfied with the kind of work and assistance that we offer.

So for any kind of problem you might be experiencing, no matter what kind of appliance or what brand it may be, call 714-204-3131 or fill out the form so that we can find a solution for you right away. We’ll make sure that you can go right back to your old routine in no time.


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